The Team

Actually just me for now.

I’m Kinji, and I’ve been translating random Japanese stuff for about 7 years now. I currently translate manga for Striptease (check us out on Mangadex!), do some side commissions under Selloutbro, and I just translate whatever I want to.

One disclaimer I have to make is that my translations are liberal. That means that there is a certain degree of difference between my translation and the raw. It is not inaccurate, but a result of what I think is a good style for presentation in English. Sometimes I add some You may not agree with how I do it, and that’s fine. That doesn’t matter to me. Just know that this is not a joke translation.

My English isn’t always the best either, and because I’m taking my A Levels soon, I sometimes don’t have the luxury of time to read through what I type more than once. I’d really appreciate it if someone competent could help me edit a bit, so if you’d be willing to volunteer, drop by my Discord and let me know!